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Scott Newman: Django 1.0 Template Development

Django is a high-level Python web application framework designed to support the rapid development of dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. Getting the most out of its template system allows programmers and designers to easily and efficiently output their content in a flexible, extendable, and maintainable manner.

This book will help you to master the Django template system. Built-in template tags and filters are explained with examples and usage notes, as well as information on building custom tags and filters to extend the system for your needs. You will learn to use inheritance to create modular templates that are easy to maintain. You will learn how to serve multiple templates from within the same Django project, with an example of how to serve different templates for a mobile version of your site without having to change any code in your views. Pagination, internationalization, caching, and customization of the automatic admin application are also covered.

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