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ZinjaI v20171016

ZinjaI is a free C/C++ IDE (integrated development environment). Originally intended for being used in classroom by programming students, it presents a very simple interface, but still includes a very rich set of features to allow the development of very complex projects such as ZinjaI itself.

Some of ZinjaI's main features are:

  • edition facilities: syntax highlighting, code folding, advanced search and replace, special C++ commands, intelligent and automatic indentation, and more
  • quick development of programming exercises without the need to create nor configure projects
  • integrated help system (current, mostly in Spanish): documentation about the IDE, tutorials, about advanced features and C++ reference (still incomplete)
  • context sensitive autocompletion and calltips popups
  • templates system, for both projects and simple exercises
  • improved compiler output displaying: tree form representation for errors and warnings, rewriting some lines, discarding others for better readability
  • debugging: inspections handling, gdb objects exploration, regular and conditional breakpoints, watchpoints, backtrace, step by step execution, class instances visualization, special tables for vectors and matrices, gdb-macros support, thread support, and more
  • project handling: several configuration profiles, advance compiling and linking options, parallel building, external tools integrations and more
  • source sharing: allows user easily sharing a source code to other PCs over a LAN
  • portability: it can run on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, converting projects paths and other settings beetwen systems automatically
  • visual representations: drawing of flowchart diagrams, class hierarchy diagrams, directly from source code, and others
  • external tools integration: quick GUI generation with wxFormBuilder, source comparing and merging with diff, internal documentation generation with doxygen, execution profiling with gprof and valgrind, static analysis with cppcheck, coverage testing with gcov, and more
  • optional support for different toolchains (such as llvm-clang) and makefile-based projects
  • internationalized user interface: available in Spanish and English (with the ability to add new languages in the future)
  • free (for price) and free (for freedom) software: GPL license
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